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          Wednesday, January 15, 2020

          In the News

          March 2, 2017
          Proposed Collaborative Management Agreement
          Fraser River Transition Area

          Port Metro Vancouver’s Head Leases covering the north, south and middle arms of the Fraser River expired on December 31, 2014. At that time, Port Metro Vancouver (now Port of Vancouver) did not renew the head leases and administration of the head lease area, referred toas the Fraser River Transition Area (FRTA), transitioned to the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO).

          Administration of the tenures within the FRTA involved a comprehensive review of the files including site visits and consultation with First Nations. Through the consultation process, stewardship of the Fraser River estuary was identified as a common concern from both First Nations and FLNRO. One of the ways in which the Province is addressing this concern is to partner with the Musqueam Indian Band (Musqueam) on stewardship through a proposed Collaborative Management Agreement.

          Fraser River Transition Refereneces

          Thisinteractive Fraser River Transition Area Map provides an overview of the tenures identified in the transition area for First Nations consultation purposes. Users have the ability to search by Crown Land File number, bookmark the view, and print a copy of the map. Users can also click on the tenure for basic tenure information.

          Fraser River Transition Project
          BC Govenment documentation

          Delta Municipality:
          Council update regarding water lot leases under thejurisdiction of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

          Port Metro Vancouver's role as property manager on the lower Fraser has changed. Forest, Land and Natural Resource Operations now controls this function. FLNBOdevelops policies and principles on land use, allocation, tenure term, pricing and all other aspects associated with Crown land.

          FrontCounter BC assumed the responsibilities of the former Permit and Authorization Service Bureau (PASB)

          The Economic Importance of the Fraser River

          1. Prepared by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce with the assistance of D.E. Park & Associates Ltd, a summary of economic opportunites on the lowerFraser.







          Key Issues

          - Lease Renewal
          - Nominating Committee
          - Dredging
          - Debris Management
          - GCUG Archives


          - Disposal at Sea ( Dredging Projects)
          - Disposal at Sea ( Analytical Requirements)
          - Disposal at Sea ( Sample Collection Requirements)
          - Business Plan - Regional Flood Management (Nov 2013)